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What is online roulette?

For most of people, especially those who never even visited a casino, roulette represents the very symbol of gambling. Roulette wheel is associated with nobility and luxury of the boheme life; it is associated with the high society and high risks. Ian Flemming's James Bond books and subsequent videos popularized this perception among those who never even considered to wager their money anywhere.  As roulette is typically a quiet game, it mostly attracts people who prefer a quiet corner and civilized player company.

Roulette is considered a table game, as it doesn't involve cards, and as such, it is not a game of chance. As we will show below in "Roulette Odds", roulette doesn't work the same way as most of casino games.

Roulette table consists of roulette wheel, which is traditionally 3 feet wide, and a betting table. The dealer spins roulette (either mechanically or manually) and throws a metal or plastic ball into the wheel. The wheel has a number of pockets and the ball lands in one of them. Bets are collected depending on the wagers that were placed on the betting table, according to the betting rules.

There are two major variants of the roulette: American Roulette. The key difference is the "double zero" pocket, which is missing from European roulette. Its presence majorly shifts the odds at roulette and the house edge is essentially affected.

The more complicated part of roulette is betting and betting strategy as the game itself has no rules. Basically the dealer throws the ball in and thats it; players dont receive any kinds of playing tokens and dont make any game decisions.

Throughout the history, Roulette players and houses developed a handful of ways to cheat each other; luckily for the modern player, legal supervision from gambling communities and government regulatory bodies discourages both patrons and house holders from cheating so unless you are playing in some sort of underground gangster bar somewhere next to Mexican borders you won't be ripped off.

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