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Samuel Blankson, a famous game writer, wrote a new roulette book that also offers a free roulette CD for the novice players to practice. Roulette aficionados now have a new book to use as a guide for their roulette spining.

Blankson has written more than thirty casino game books and has founded two roulette systems so far.

For those roulette players who do not believe that roulette systems can help them beat the casinos will still find the book very interesting, perceptive and amusing.

Blankson wrote the book with a entertaining and humorous approach that will allow the roulette players to understand the gambling concepts that he presents. For roulette players this is a welcome approach, as understanding the roulette system is dreary at times.

The writer was previously categorized as a by the numbers type of guy because he always infused in his books the concise info in a minimalist style. In his new book the players will appreciate his new method of presenting the roulette system.

The book promises that Blankson's system is simple to understand and simple to apply.

The books comes with a free CD that gives readers the chance to practice the online roulette system.


August 17, 2006
Dwight Adams

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