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The average profile of the Online roulette Player

Many different kinds of people play roulette in the online casinos. People of all ages, sex and nationalities. However, what kind of person actually goes online to play roulette in the online casinos?

It turns out that the average online casino roulette player is over forty, and there are more women than men in the online casinos. While women play more cautiously, they play games that require less skill, such as slot machines. Men prefer games that require more skill such as blackjack or other card games. It is also interesting to note that while women play the same amounts as men do, it tales them up to ten times longer to play the same amount of money, since they are naturally the more cautious sex.

Among women players in the online roulette casinos, most of them are unprofessionals, while only a small percentage of the claimed to be unprofessional gamblers. This is opposed to men, where a much percentage actually earns a living from gambling. These statistics illustrate that gambling is popular for both sexes, and while women are more cautious in their wagering and gambling habits, they too, enjoy the excitement and adrenaline rush of the online casino.

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