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Caesar's Casino Raises Ante for Casino Games Like Roulette

On December 31st, 2007, the wagering minimum on games like roulette, blackjack, craps and other types of Asian games is now at $50,000 at the Caesar's casino in Atlantic City. By improving its casino table games in an effort to attract new customers, Caesar's introduced these new limits and the casino said that it has the biggest gaming limits in the resort.

General Manager Dan Nita commented that a lot of people in Atlantic City now realize that there are now different choices. He added that they are still going to focus their attention on slot machines, which composed seventy percent of their current revenue but they want to make sure that they have different choices that they could offer their players.

As Atlantic City faces its initial year of profit decline within their twenty-nine year history, the casinos are doing their best to attract spending players. The parent company of Caesar's, Harrah's Entertainment is also doing its best to make Caesar's properties possess the limits that can be found in other casinos all over the world. Nita added that the weakened dollar has even attracted international players to play in the U.S. where their money can get a lot for them.

The new Caesar's limits are as follows: Craps gamblers can now bet $50,000 on the line with $50,000 probabilities. Roulette gamblers can now wager as big as $1,000 on any digit. Limits on all Asian games are now $15,000.

Blackjack gamblers, aside from being able to wager as much as $50,000 on one card hand, can also wager $25,000 per card hand on three succeeding hand. The biggest payout for each roulette hand has improved from $46,800 to $156,000, according to Paul Natello, Caesar's casino table games operational director.

Nita commented that their players can have the option to wager even bigger. The changes will only affect Caesar's in the Las Vegas strip. Natello commented that the changes will only appeal to a small portion of the customers at Caesar's.


January 17, 2008
Jeneth Grenville

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