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Debunking the Roulette Myths

Roulette is a game which had seen many myths and urban legends develop about them. If you want to do well at roulette you would be well advise to steer clear of these myths. What are the most common roulette myths?

Identical Wheels- One of the most well known roulette myths is that all Roulette Wheels are identical. This is categorically 100% not the case. Is strange how this roulette myth even got off the ground when you consider how it is well known how some wheels have the double zero and single zero on them while others simply have the single zero. You would have though this would have been enough to see the end of this roulette myth but evidently this was not the case. Additionally you also have online roulette wheels which come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Randomness - Some people are spreading the accusation that every spin of the roulette wheel is not random. That is simply ridiculous. There is no way that every roulette spin is not random and no spin influences the outcome of future spins. The number 8 could come up three times in a row or it could be even a number of times in succession. Neither the roulette wheel or ball have any memory and thinking like this does nothing other than to see a player lose all of his chips. Often players tend to believe this in the case of red/black. If black has come up four times in a row, they are adamant that the next spin must result in it being red. But as we know this is not the case.

Roulette Systems - For some reason many roulette players seem to believe that there are systems which they can use to defeat the roulette wheel and walk away from the roulette table with thousands of dollars. They may do this through good luck but it won’t be via anything they had to do. A winning roulette player and a good roulette player are not necessarily the same thing.

Roulette Money Management - In light of this last roulette myth you would think that people try and use roulette money management systems to increase their chances of roulette success. You would think they would implement anything they could which would reduce the house advantage and aid the roulette player. The problem surrounding money management systems are the roulette myths which surround them. Money Management systems can’t ensure that you win but they can ensure that your chances of losing are reduced.

Jeneth Grenville

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