Fibonacci Bet Management System For Onine Roulette Casinos

In order to explain the Fibonacci system, lets take a brief look first at what the Fibonacci sequence is.

A Fibonacci progression is simply a row of numbers where every number is simply the sum of previous two, starting with 1:

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 ...

The Fibonacci roulette system is a score system: it calculates a score based on results of the games. The score indicates the situation on the betting table based on which you should take a betting decision. In many ways the Fibonacci roulette system is similar to cancellation systems and card counting techniques in Blackjack.

The initial score of the system is zero. As soon as the score reaches 1, the system is considered profitable and ends. With every lost game round, a number proportional to the bet amount is subtracted from the score; for every game round won, a number is added.

The salt of the system is that it prescribes to follow a betting pattern in a Fibonacci progression manner: that is, the next bet should be the sum of the last two bets. When the round wins, last two numbers are removed from the row (as their sum was the worth of previous bet).

The advantage of the Fibonacci system is that it stays relatively stable even in short runs, because losing streaks are easily compensated with one winning spin of the roulette wheel. It is way better than the dreaded Martingale system. One advanatage of this roulette strategy is that the Fibonacci system is also less threatened by the table limits because it tends to stay in saner bounds than Martingale in short runs; however, it's a very good idea to limit the length of a Fibonacci row to six-seven losses in a row.

It's pretty simple to calculate the odds of a losing streak on your particularly favourite type of bets and adjust the system limit so that it'd be optimal for you. We suggest you do it yourself as an exercise. See our odds guide for examples of doing just that.!

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