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Foroughi Claim Rejected Against Star City Casino

On September 28th, 2007, after losing more than $600,000in the span of eighteen months gambling in roulette at the Star City Casino in Sydney despite having himself banned as a chronic gambler, Behrouz Fouroughi gambled in filing a lawsuit to get back all of his money. But the federal court in Sydney rejected Fouroughi's claim that the alleged negligence of the Star City casino for not stopping him in 65 different occasions on June 2004 and January 2006.

43 year-old Mr. Foroughi, who was not present in court when Justice Peter Jacobsen rejected his claim, also ordered Foroughi to pay the legal costs of the casino. Foroughi said that he lost $1,000 to $73,000 during his visits.

The Foroughi case has given a good look inside the world of chronic gamblers who have filed a case against casinos that they are playing in. In the evidence presented during the course of the case, Star City commented that Foroughi was among the 4,000 problematic gamblers on their banned list.

1,000 of these gamblers including Foroughi had voluntarily petitioned the casino to ban them because of their gambling addiction. Justice Jacobsen commented that the casino receives 30,000 visitors a day and features 1,500 electronic gambling machines and 200 casino table games. The casino has 5000 surveillance cameras that monitor all of the games.

Foroughi allegedly claims that despite being banned in the casino, he was still offered a slot on the casino's high-roller room. Iranian-born Foroughi had filed a case against the Star City Pty Ltd for failing to stop him from entering the gaming area of the casino and for failing to asking him to leave on forty different instances from June 11th, 2004, a month after he had petitioned the casino to bar him.

Justice Jacobsen commented that Foroughi had signed a document voluntary banning him in the casino which excluded the casino from any responsibility from his losses. Foroughi said that he had begun playing different casino games particularly roulette in Adelaide in 1991 and in 1994 after moving to Sydney, he had played frequently at the Star City casino.

Justice Jacobsen said that the credibility of Foroughi is also questionable because he had repeatedly lied to government agencies, relatives and friends. Justice Jacobsen added that Mr. Foroughi was not under any special condition and he does not consider that the Star City casino took advantage of Foroughi.


October 17, 2007
Dwight Adams

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