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Fraud and Online Roulette

In a recent case in Britain a trio of gamblers who gambled at the Ritz Casino were arrested soon after and were put on trial. This was because of suspected fraud, through which they won more than one million pounds at the roulette table.

The sum was won using a scanner that calculated the relative speed of the ball and the speed of the roulette wheel. Then, they were able to calculate on what numbers the ball would fall on and make their bets accordingly. This enabled them to win a huge amount of money in a single evening. When the casino found pout about the contraption the trio was put under arrest and taken into custody.

When the police inspected the device it was found that it was not in fact illegal. It did not change the speed of either the ball or the roulette wheel, and as a consequence it could not be said to be against the law. Casino official stated that they would look into the matter and formulate new guide lines and find out what they could do to stop the machine from entering the casino, since it all but assured victory.

In the end the trio was released and their funds were returned to them. This was after they had spent several nights in jail and were put before a judge. The Casino has yet to give its predictions for what the future has in store for them with the new roulette instrument.

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