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Novo TouchBet Roulette Tables Gain Recognition

The brand new kind of touch screen tables that is making waves on the casino gambling floor all over the world may never be a permanent substitute for real gambling tables, gaming chips and casino dealers, but it will be most likely to a good alternative.

Just as slots enthusiasts have become familiar with touch screen gambling tables, so will casino table game players who will gradually enjoy video screen and paper vouchers. On February 27th, 2008, Rapid Roulette, which is made by Shuffle Master, debut at the like Majestic Star Casinos located in Gary. Gamblers are seated comfortably in front of the gaming screen, where at just the touch of a finger, you can determine your wagers for the next game.

The rules of the game are still present on this kind of technology. TCS John Huxley has a version of this roulette table of Shuffle Master, which is called the Novo TouchBet Roulette. It has been very popular in Britain for a number of years now and is very popular with gamers in Canada. It was first introduced at the Mohegan Sun Casino in the United States. TouchBet tables can accommodate up to two hundred fifty players.

Aside from the main installation of the table, there are also satellite stations that can show the result of each roulette spin. This variation of roulette is also very cost saving and a top of the line version of the normal roulette game.

By acquiring this kind of technology, casino owners can also earn more. By possessing a casino edge of 5.26% on the American version and the European Version, the increased number of participants aside from the decisions per hour increases revenue. Similar concept is being used in other casino table games like blackjack, craps and poker like the PokerTech tables available at the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Michigan.


April 04, 2008
Dwight Adams

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