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Les voisins du zero
May 25, 2006

The Les Voisins du Zero roulette bet is a call bet from the French that refers to the proximity to the zero on the roulette wheel.

The Parlay Bet Management System
April 10, 2006

Learn how to use the Parlay bet management system in live or online roulette casinos.

The D'Alembert betting Management System
March 23, 2006

Learn how to use the D'Alembert bet management system in land or online roulette casinos.

Roulette's Red Snake Bet
January 19, 2006

A description of the notorious Red Snake bet in the game of roulette, and why never to place it if you have limited funds.

Inside bets
December 22, 2005

An explanation of the different inside bets in roulette, their rules, uses and odds.


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