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Parlay Bet Management System For Online Roulette Casinos

The Parlay Bet Management System in Roulette is a positive progressions system that allows you to bet more safely. This roulette betting system's base is that you raise your bet, when you win, with the sum of money you won. This is also referred to by gamblers as "let it ride", meaning you reinvest your money for one more round around the roulette table.

This bet management system is more commonly used in horse race bets, but online roulette games can also be addressed by this system. Unlike the the Martingale system this system isn't risky and your bets' size will not escalate, less you'll be on a streak of wins. Here's an example of the use of the Parlay system when the first bet is $5:

Size of Unit Win/Lose Change of Units Net Profit
$5 Win +$5$5
$10 Win +10$15
$20 Lose $0

As you can see you don't lose any money with this system, as long as you're on a winning streak. For more information about such topic and others please check our online roulette content.

Max Baker - Staff Writer

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