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Playtech Sued Over Roulette Technology Patent Infringement

Playtech, an online gaming software provider, has been sued in a Tel Aviv District Court by Yaakov Refaeli and his company, Lubar.

Rafaeli filed the lawsuit in the Tel Aviv District Court against Playtech and three other defendants, named in the suit, including Empire Online.

Lubar had accused Playtech and three other defendants of patent ingfringement in relation to an online roulette system that would modify the facade of internet gaming.

Online gaming have become increasingly more popular and are accesible everywhere via the internet. Internet games have been carried out using computers that generates random numbers. The number results are determined by a move or spin.

The claimnant in the case argues that Playtech and the other defendants use technology so that the gambling takes place in a real casino that uses a real live dealer and the roulette results are determined by the actual drop of the ball on the roulette wheel instead of a random computer generated result.

Lubar's technology use an actual roulette wheel and ball to determine actual roulette game results and according to Rafaeli his company, Lubar, already owns patent rights for this technology in Australia and in the US. Other patent rights are pending in additional countries.


07/23/2006, Sunday
Jeneth Grenville

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