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The Completez Bet - Roulette Betting Types

Quick reference

  • Inside or outside: Multiple Inside
  • Also known as: "Please Complete"
  • Odds: NA
  • American Roulette: Yes
  • European / French Roulette: Yes

The Completez roulette bet is another exotic bet from the French, and is rare to see at most tables. If a number wins, the player may want to play that number and numbers around it on the board.

In this case, the player would tell the croupier to "complete" the bet, or to place a chip on every corner it touches and every split that can be made from it.

For example, a player bets 17 and it wins. The player would then tell the croupier to "complete" the 17. That would be a single bet on 17, a corner roulette bet on the 14,15,17 an 18, the 13,14,16, and 17, the 16,17,19 and 20, and the 17,20,21 and 18. Like wise, the croupier would place a split roulette bet on the 14 and 17, and 117 and 18, the 17 and 20, and the 16 and 17.

Why you should ask the croupier to make all these bets for you when it is much easier to do it yourself is one that has confounded players for years. Like all the call bets that came from the French, the origins date back to when the game was played by aristocracy, and didn't want to break a sweat moving the chips around themselves and made the poor croupier do all the work himself.

Besides all that, the Completez roulette bet is a bad idea. It is putting all of your eggs in one basket, and it certainly isn't recommended.

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Max Baker - Staff Writer

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