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Riverside Casino Offers Roulette Games On Its Grand Launch

Riverside Casino offers roulette games on its grand opening day.

The two years and thirteen months construction of Riverside Casino and Golf Resort and the long wait for casino players has now finally ended.

The Riverside Casino and Golf Resort opened on the 31st of August 2006.

The Riverside Casino offers two roulette wheels for roulette enthusiasts.

Aside from the roulette, one thousand one hundred eighty one slot machines, twenty four blackjack tables, four craps tables and fourteen table poker games are available for players.

There is also a two hundred room hotel, a spa and four restaurants which were all full on the opening night.

Riverside Casino also offers a casino gift shop, a resort club and a special VIP Lounge for important guests.

The opening day kicked off at four in the afternoon with a rolling of the dice by casino board members.

The grand openings formal ceremony of the casino took place at five in the afternoon while the casino gaming began for the casino investors and special guests at 5:30 P.M.

Meanwhile, the general public was allowed to enter the front doors of the casino at nine in the evening.

Riverside Casino and Golf Resort is located about fifteen miles south of Iowa City on Highway twenty two.


September 10, 2006
Dwight Adams

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