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Roulette Betting Types (For Online Roulette & Casino Play)

No actual play happens on the roulette table. The roulette table is where bets are placed. Every table is going to have minimums and limits to bet each spin of the wheel. The player will have to bet at least the minimum and no more than the maximum every spin.

The Roulette Table has several sections divided up into the types of bets one can place. Note that French and American layouts are different, but the bet types are the same:

Outside Roulette Betting Types

These bets are on the portions on the outside of the table and encompass a collective group of numbers, like by color, or column, or whether they are odd or even, and pay lesser odds than an inside bet, since they are much more likely to hit.

  • Any dozen
  • Any column
  • Even / Odd
  • Red / Black
  • Low / High

Inside Roulette Betting Types

These bets are on individual numbers. One chip can be used to bet on more than one number at a time, but the odds reflect that.

  • Single number - Straight up
  • Two numbers - Split
  • Three numbers - 3 line
  • Four numbers - corner
  • Four number - 1st Four (0 only)
  • Five numbers - 1st Five (00 only)
  • Six numbers - 6 line

Call Bets

These are exotic bets that are usually done in slow paced European or UK casinos with a single 0 wheel. These are not common in American casinos or at the online roulette tables.

  • Completez
  • Doblez
  • Trois denieres
  • Six premiers
  • Final
  • Tiers (du cylindre)
  • Voisins (Neighbors)
  • Les Voisins du Zero

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself also with the Roulette Wheel and the rules of roulette. It also can't hurt to play a free game or two to get familiar, and once you are ready, play a real game of online roulette with real money.

Max Baker - Staff Writer

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