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Roulette Computers

As has been said, roulette is strictly a game if chance, and there is no way to predict what the next roll of the dice and the wheel may bring. However, that may be relevant for the land based casinos, where everything is done physically, but what about the online casinos. There, everything has to be programmed, so how can the results be random?

The answer is that it is indeed possible. In the online casinos, they use roulette computers which use random number generators in order to ensure that the roulette wheel will spin of its own accord and will stop randomly. This is of course not completely random, but it does use a huge number of combinations of numbers and possibilities, so that it might as well be random.

There is no reason not to trust this system, since it works in casinos all over the world, and even in the land based casinos, you may find the computers in the slots and in the other games. Hence, computers are not used in roulette only. These roulette computers are the product of many years of research and development. Indeed, the represent the cutting edge in gambling technology, without which there would not be many of the games that we love and play today.

Presented to you by Jeremy Salinger 30.06.05

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