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Roulette Game Launched To Woo Japanese Bank Clients

Banks in Japan have long been carrying bad reputation for their poor quality service and to change this impression, Ogaki Kyoritsu Japanese bank is treating their bank clients to a roulette game.

The roulette game is available at the automatic teller machines (ATM) where bank clients can win cash money.

After finishing their bank transaction at the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank automatic teller machines, a roulette game will pop up on the screen of the ATM machine. The bank clients are now entitled to have a free spin.

If the bank client wins, he might win 7 Euro or one thousand yen.

An Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank spokesman said that the bank which is based on Gifu prefecture in central Japan, aims to add more fun for the bank clients as the use of ATMs is so impersonal and lacks communication.

The launching of the roulette game at the ATM will start on the 13th of September.

One hundred thirty four branches of the banks will offer the roulette game.

The launching of the roulette game is the second project of the Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank to woo bank clients. The bank has also recently launched a slot game at their ATM services which allows the clients to win one thousand yen after they made their transaction.


August 31, 2006
Dwight Adams

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