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Roulette Game Modified to Adhere to State Law in Oklahoma

Roulette and craps are unlawful in Oklahoma, but an altered game without using roulette wheels or dice is being played at the Cherokee Casino.

The Cherokee Casino reinvented roulette and craps through Bonus Roulette and Bonus Craps.

Cherokee Casino's Bonus Roulette and Bonus Craps are the very first in the state and since its inception last December, the games have developed a wide following.

Oklahoma state law bans the use of roulette wheels for roulette games and dice for craps. In addition, playing against the house edge is strictly prohibited.

In order to adhere to legal standards, the Cherokee Casino reinvented the games using electronic cards that feature video versions of dice and the roulette wheel and they do not bet against the house.

David Stewart, Cherokee Nation Enterprises CEO, stated that the modified games are allowed in the compact of the state law and the Cherokee tribe.

Meanwhile, Derek Campbell, Head of Gaming Compliance in the Office of State Finance, claims that the state officials are aware of the reinvented game and they are presently reviewing them.

Campbell further stated that his office is gathering different advice and comments in relation to Cherokee Casino's version of roulette and craps.

At present, the Catoosa is the only Cherokee Casino that runs the new games, but the Cherokee do plan to add these new games to their other tribal casinos.


February 19, 2007
Jeneth Grenville

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