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Roulette Games Offered At Global Gaming Platform

The new innovative way of gaming, Global Gaming Platform, will be offering roulette games as announced by the alliance formed by leading gaming companies.

Global Gaming Platform was launched with the alliance formed by Diamond I, Inc., the leading developer of gaming products to other leading gaming companies such as Real Video Gaming, Inc., Voyant Media Group, Inc. (VMG) and Ibis Networks.

The alliance to form Global Gaming Platform was announced by Diamond I, Inc., yesterday, October 2, 2006.

Global Gaming Platform will enable audio, video and betting information from real gaming devices that will be then transmitted over the internet to mobile handsets and PDA's. The gaming video and audio will be transmitted simultaneously and can be accessed anywhere.

Global Gaming Platform will transmit real time video of roulette games from actual casinos and will enable the players to play as if the player is in the casino itself.

Other interactive games available at Global Gaming Platform include slots and craps.

Once the platform is completed, it will allow an unlimited number of players in different locations around the globe to join in any games or participate in tournaments all at the same time.

CEO Dan Morgan of RVG said "Our new alliance has very talented engineers, with a combined intellectual property of over 50 issued patents, and several pending patents. What our team has accomplished is to put the pieces of a very complex puzzle together that will allow patrons to play their favorite game of chance whenever they want, as if they were sitting in the casino."


October 05, 2006
Max Baker

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