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Roulette Players Can Now Beat the Casinos

Samuel Blankson, author of " How to win at online roulette", developed the latest automated casino system that will help online roulette players to hold back their greed and finally beat the online casino games at their own online play.

The system can be run on any personal computer with Microsoft Excel installed, it will allow the users to key in their online roulette game results at the same time returning and displaying the message of the next bet to be placed and the value at stake. Blankson said that, "the key is results will now go through a set of complex algorithms and returns the next action the online player should take in order to win". The system he developed is advanced in that it can automatically adapt to any shifting and random patterns of the roulette casino game.

Mr. Blankson further explained that his system is different and more effective. According to him, "roulette is a simple game to play but it is not easy to win roulette casino games consistently not because of lack of good system but rather it is because of lack of discipline and uncontrollable greedy tendencies of roulette casino players". He explained further that these acts are well known to casinos, that's why casinos seize the opportunity by exploiting and providing more huge incentives and prizes that persuade casino players to stay longer in the casino environment and to continue to play casino games.

For many casino players, the longer they stay inside the casinos, the longer they will gamble and it is easier for them to loose their temper and self control allowing their human greediness to surface. At this point, a huge loss can follow and eventually the casino will win. Blankson added that "any great gambling system must first eliminate this problem before providing any sophisticated play technique and strategy.

According to Blankson, "the ultimate roulette system that he developed removes the human decision from the roulette casino game system to allow the roulette players to take out the greed driven decisions. With the system he designed, roulette players can use an automated rule-based system to select the stake and bet". The system designed by Blankson is available at the online site gambling section of The retail price of the system is $250 and it is subject to availability as the author is limiting the copies to be made available to general public.


August 22, 2006
Max Baker

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