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Roulette Progression

There is a school of thought that if you want to win at roulette then you have to double your bets every time you play, in order to recoup your losses should you lose. However, this system is definitely wrong, and will lead you to ever greater losses at the roulette table.

People seem to think that the larger your bet, the greater odds you have of winning. However, as we all know, there is no way to recoup your losses automatically every time, and this is because of the maximum bet that the casino policy requires. If you double your bets at roulette every time you lose, and then you bump up against this maximum, then chances are that you will lose the game and all your money. But there is another maximum, and that is the maximum that deals, in, well, your own pocket. If you do not have unlimited sums of money to play with, then your best bet is to play safely and surely, and in this way, you will be able to cut your losses in time and not lose all you money.

Written by Masting DeVries 18.08.05

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