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Last Roulette Spin At The Sands

The last roulette spin at Sands Casino took place at exactly 5:40 A.M. November 11, 2006.

After twenty six long years, this is the last curtain call for the oldest casino in Atlantic City.

Pinnacle Entertainment bought the Sands Casino for a whooping amount of two hundred fifty million dollars from billionaire financier Carl Icahn.

The buy out last September will now make way for a bigger hotel tower and rebuild a larger and more luxurious casino.

The operation of The Sands started way back from its opening on August 13th, 1980. It was named then the Brighton Hotel and Casino.

But within a year, it was sold and renamed as The Sands Casino Hotel after a change in ownership.

The Sands became very famous among the high rollers during the 80's and early 90's.

It was also popular as it brought famous singers such as Frank Sinatra that led to the naming of the legendary Copa Room.

But The Sands Casino Hotel and other older casinos in Atlantic City had suffered from stiffer competition when Borgata Hotel and Casino opened in 2003.

The Sands was not able to keep pace with the luxurious and upscale amenities of the Borgata.

On the final night loyal gaming players marched down to the Sands Casino for one last roll of the dice.

State gaming regulators were present to oversee the closing of The Sands Casino. All the cards, dice and gaming materials will be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Pinnacle announced that the construction of the new casino will start in 2008 and is expected to open in 2011.


November 19, 2006
Max Baker

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