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Roulette Statistics

Roulette is a game that, among the other games in the casino, stands out. The elegance of the game, the high visibility of the game, and of course, it is the one game that is a matter of chance completely. In the world of roulette, there is no Ken Uston, no card counting, no skill and no way to win the game all the time with a sure bet. It would be wonderful if there were a way to make the game make more sense, and if there would be a set of statistics that would tell you what numbers come up the most.

But that, then, is what makes roulette such a great game. There is no telling what numbers may come up in every turn, since each spin of the wheel has nothing to do with the preceding one. In this way, all you have left is to play with you luck, and hope for the best. This does not mean that it is not a fun game, but one in which an average roulette player has as much chance of winning a lot of money as a pro. All are equal before the roulette wheel, and as the stakes go up, so does the intensity and drama. Even though there are no statistics or roulette systems to help you with the game, you can still play for fun or for real money, and have a great time.

Written by Joan Times 12.07.05

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