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New Roulette Strategy Book Released

Want to get an edge over the roulette wheel? Grab a copy of the book written by Christopher Pawlicki. The book is entitled "Get the Edge at Roulette: How to Predict Where the Ball Will Land," and was written for roulette lovers of all skill levels.

The book is a must have for roulette lovers. Using the system will help the roulette player beat the casinos.

To beat the roulette system, the player should learn how to predict which spot the ball will fall on. This is what the book of Pawlicki offers to its readers.

Every bet on the roulette brings negative probability and any betting system might result in extreme loses, but using this book, Pawlicki illustrate how to beat the biased wheels and to be familiarized with the roulette wheels that are vulnerable to tracking.

The visual tracking of the wheel is illustrated in this book to give the roulette players the accuracy to predict where the ball will fall.

And for those just starting to play the roulette wheel, Pawlicki describe a method to detect the dealer famous signatures and relative numbers of the wheel.

The book further explain the difference between playing online roulette and playing roulette at land based casinos. This is very important as it will help the roulette players increase their chances to win online.


August 19, 2006
Max Baker

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