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New Roulette System Released

Samuel Blankson, the author, now plans to release ULTRA URS and MASTER CLASS URS, two systems that promise even better performance and returns for roulette player. These two new systems build on the URS and SUPER URS by applying a dynamic stake management subsystem aimed at greatly increasing profitability during high win periods. ULTRA URS and MASTER CLASS URS are to be released this year in time for the Christmas holidays.

It all started with the release of Samuel Blankson's first two books, How to Win at Online Roulette and Ultimate Online Roulette System: Advanced Winning Techniques for the Tax Conscious Casino Gambling Investor, since then he claims to have received many requests from readers wanting the system described in these books to be made available as computer programs. Rising to this challenge, the author created the Ultimate Roulette System, now fondly referred to as URS by the many members who have purchased the system world wide.

The new range of Roulette systems promises to help users earn a daily income from playing roulette. With two systems already released and two more on the way, a regular online roulette income is already a reality for current owners of the Ultimate Roulette System (URS).

It seems that Samuel Blankson has taken an investment approach to developing this system, rather than a purely gambling one. The author views this system as yet another investment tool, available to investors and gamblers alike. He advised using the URS to generate 10% to 100% daily returns on your bankroll. The system retail from $250.00 to $5,000.00, and are available from Practical Book and Lulu.


August 20, 2006
Jeneth Grenville

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