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As there's no actual gameplay on the roulette table, everything that is there to it is the betting table. The bets in roulette can be made until the dealer announces something along the lines of "No more bets please". Unlike other table games, the colour of the betting chips in casinos reflects to which player the chips belong, as opposed to the value of the chips themselves.

The Online Roulette Table is pretty standard and universal. You have the 36 numbers and zero or zeroes laid out and around them you have the variety and assortment of outside bets which you can make. Most online roulette games feature exactly the same table. The color of the online roulette table is normally green.

The only concern with the online roulette table is that there are not too many people playing there because if that is the case and there are simply way too many chips flying around everywhere, not only will it start to get confusing but arguements may break out over which chips belong to whom.

It is important to denote that the roulette tables have lower bet limits; a player who doesn't know how to play needs to be aware of them. There are upper table limits as well, typically varying for every type of bet in a fixed proportion.

The betting table has two parts: the inside and the outside. The inside table allows you to bet on individual numbers or on a combination of numbers, while the outside table allows you to bet on non-numeric conditions. In either case, any number matching the bet triggers the win.

The inside table

The inside table is simply a table of sequential numbers, 3 columns each representing a dozen. The zero (and double zero for American roulette) can be found above this table, and the column bet fields are below (they technically belong to the outside table). The outside table is attached to the right or left side of the inside table.

The sum of player's bets on the inner table must reach the table minimum, as declared on the table itself.

The following explanation is an example for the American version of this game. Actual payoffs are presented in the table below.
You can bet on any single number. This sort of bet is called a "straight up" bet and pays off 35 to 1.

Other bets are basically a combinations between the straight up bets. When you place a bet on a horizontal or vertical line between two adjacent squares, it's called a "split bet", as the line splits the betting chip in two. "i" is a bet on either of the 12 rows. Two street bets form a "line bet" - two rows three numbers each. To place a line bet you would place your chips on the rightmost common corner of two rows at the intersection with the outer table.

The "four bet" (or "five bet" with American roulette) allows you to bet on numbers zero (and double zero), one, two and three.

The final type of inside table bet is a corner bet, which just a bet on four adjacent squares. To wager, you place the chips on the central intersection of lines between the four squares.

The outside table.

The outside table encompassess special bets - there are no numbers in this table. Any bet within the outside table must at least reach the lower table limit.

The three squares attached to the inside table represent dozens. Betting on each dozen wins when any number within that dozen is played out.

The next row is comprised of three pairs of cubicles. The outer squares are the "high/low bets": you can bet either on low (1 to 18) or high (19 to 36)  half of the numbers. The counterpart of high/low is "odd/even": you bet on odd or even numbers respectively. The innermost squares are indeed "red/black": similar to the bets above, you respectively bet on red or black numbers.

A "column bet" is a bet on either of three columns of 12 numbers when the chips are placed in the column squares under the number table. Remember that any bet in the outside table excludes zero and double zero. Consider this if you are planning on a strategy.

One of the best ways to get to learn all of the different bets is to play some free roulette which you can find by playing online roulette

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