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Saganing Casino of the Soaring Eagle Debuts Virtual Casino

The blond haired croupier's eyes checked out the players as the roulette wheel started to spin. The roulette ball landed on number 9 and the player seated in the comfortable chair at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort's new virtual casino was satisfied with the outcome.

Although the cash he won from the game was real, the roulette wheel, the roulette ball and even the croupier were all virtual characters like what you can see in Grand Theft Auto and Madden Football.

Bill Masterson, the marketing director for the Soaring Eagle casino, said that they are hoping to utilize the qualities of Xbox machines and a slot machine in their new gaming offerings.

The virtual casino opened without fun fare on May 19, 2007 in an unused area of the Soaring Eagle Slot Palace. Players can play roulette or poker with the virtual dealers of the casino. Each of the electronic table games can accommodate 5 players and the images or pictures of the dealers change every 15 minutes.

Soaring Eagle Slot director, Chris Bailey, said that a virtual dealer is helpful because some players cannot play well with a live dealer. The service supervisor for ShuffleMaster from Las Vegas, Nevada, Mike Hegyi, said that it was the biggest virtual casino table game installation in Michigan.

The machine was introduced to the playing public almost 2 years ago and many gaming commissions are already approving the use of the machines in their own jurisdictions.

Joe Sowmick, the spokesman for the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Nation, said that the machines are also destined for the Saganing Casino of the Tribe.

The Saganing Casio, located south of Standish, is expected to open by the end of this year. The casino will have 700 slot machines and 40 electronic casino table games.

Chris Bailey stated that they have done a trial opening on the virtual casino while they continue to work on the problems. Masterson said that he expects the casino to attract younger patrons for the casino table games. The casino is also planning to hold a massive advertising campaign to promote the virtual casino. There is no exact date yet for the opening of the machines.


June 03, 2007
Dwight Adams

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