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Ultimate Roulette Systems Trial Version Released

Previously unavailable for trial, trial versions of Ultimate Roueltte System and Super Ultimate Roulette System were recently made available for download on the Practical Books and Lulu websites.

The high income generating Ultimate Roulette System is one of the hidden gems of the gambling industry. With the owner previously refusing to offer trial versions, it was near impossible to get your hands on these systems before buying.

Many believe that this restrictive technique was employed by the owner to purposely restrict the distribution of the URS. However, due to popular demand, the URS and SUPER URS now have trial versions available for download.

With online gambling on the rise and many people now earning regular incomes from Poker and other casino games, the URS (Ultimate Roulette System) now offers casino players the opportunity of using roulette as an investment tool. Earning daily income from playing roulette is now possible with Ultimate Roulette System.

These two systems employ a single dozen bet and a double dozen bet respectfully. By using a stake list to increase the chances of winning and employing an automatic stake management system, the URS seems to have achieved what other roulette systems have failed to do. This success now allows its users to comfortably generate daily returns from their bankroll ranging from 10%, to 100% and beyond.

The trial versions are restricted to operate at a quarter the power of the full retail version. Furthermore, features such as, saving and printing of statements, are disabled in the trial versions. However, you will be able to see how powerful the full retail version is from using the restricted trial versions.


August 16, 2006
Max Baker

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