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Video Roulette

Roulette is known as the ultimate game of chance in the casino, and it is the one game in which the player has no way to improve his chances. Wholly a game of chance, roulette is also an elegant game, one that is high on formality and low on camaraderie. However, not everyone has the time or money to go all the way to one of those land based casinos in order to play. However, at times, all that is needed in order to play roulette is an internet connection. Once you have that, the world is open before you, and you can start to play video roulette!

Video roulette is the next generation of the games in the online casinos. When you play video roulette, it has all the excitement of play roulette in a real casino, but with none of the hassle of leaving home. Video roulette is just it sounds like. A camera is placed in front of the dealer and a great number of people can place bets against the spinning of the wheel. This is not computer generated, you see the dealer and the wheel, and can play as you would in any casino!

Written By - Merl Cohen - Editor. 20/10, 2005

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