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The Voisins Bet - Roulette Betting Types

Quick reference

  • Inside or outside: Multiple Inside
  • Also known as: Neighbors
  • Odds: NA
  • American Roulette: Yes
  • European / French Roulette: Yes

The Voisins Roulette bet is another specialty bet. A player bets on a number, and its neighbors in relation to the actual roulette wheel. If you are new to roulette and still learning how to play roulette then this can be a very useful bet to learn about.

If a player requests a Voisins roulette bet, he declares a number and hands an odd amount of chips, usually 3 or 5. The croupier then figures where on the board these chips would go in relation to the wheel.

For example, if a player asked for 15 Voisins, and hands him 5 chips, the croupier would make single bets on 24,3,15,34,22.

The idea behind this roulette bet is that the player believes the croupier is in a rhythm and will keep dropping in the same general spot.

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